ATLETICO DE KOLKATA STRIKER Iain Hume was answering questions sent by fans via the ISL’s official Twitter account. The fans could ask him questions using the hashtag #AskHumey.

Questions ranged from his best moments in ISL to who is his favourite player/team. The fans took great advantage of this opportunity and got their queries answered.

So below are few of the questions and their answers…

Ask the Canadian, what’s his best moment in ISL and he replied

Hume played for Kerala Blasters in the first edition, so questions related to that too were asked.

Favourite footballer?

The next one was a bit personal and emotional…

Then came a technical question, does he see improvement in Indian football?

On his dream club and coach

If not football then what?

Scoring a goal or an assist?

This answer would make the fans happy

Toughest competition?

Difference between Mendoza and him?

Favourite city in India?

Favourite venue to play in?

Actor/actress want to take selfie with?

Expectations from ISL 3

Dream team

Advice for the young

And that was it, the questionnaire came to an end. He didn’t forget to thank the fans!