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Full transcript of José Molina's first Atlético de Kolkata press conference - ATKFans.in

Full transcript of José Molina’s first Atlético de Kolkata press conference

Sanjiv Goenka said:
“We are very confidant about our New Coach and team.”
“One of the reasons why we signed new players is because we have a new coach.”

José Molina Jose answered some key questions in his first press conference as ATK manager.

“Your past experience always helps you in your life.
José Francisco Molina:
I’ve gone through a difficult phase and overcome it. Hopefully I inspire the team to win again.”

What will be your Strategy?
José Francisco Molina:
“It’s important to get to know the players first before deciding on a strategy”

What’s your thought on Indian Players that you have this season?
José Francisco Molina:
“We are happy to have the young Indian players in our team so that we can help develop them”

Are you Following Indian Football?

José Francisco Molina:
“Yes, I’m following the Indian football scene.”

Alberto Marrero:
“What we’ve seen from the first and second season is that Indian football is growing.”