Jose Molina’s first game in charge of
Atlético de Kolkata brought his first defeat as his team lost 4-3 to lively Pinto side in El Espinar.

Atlético de Pinto’s high-pressing strategy paid dividends early on when
Manu Sanchez scored twice in the 18th & 19th Minutes Respectively.

ATK didn’t produce much at the other end and looked demoralised after slipping two behind and were soon even further behind.


Atlético de Pinto walked off the field to a standing ovation after going 2-0 up at the break.

Molina made four changes at the break and tinkered with the back four again by adding Kingshuk Debnath to their defensive rearguard.

A brilliant comeback – not only in pure footballing terms, but also because of the stories that unfolded around it.


1. Hélder Postiga failed to impress in striking audition.

2. Manu Sanchez would thrive in India

3. ATK light at the back?

4. Debjit had a day to forget

5. Doutie proved his worth to Molina


18 Goal! Atlético de Kolkata 0-1 Atlético de Pinto (Manu Sanchez)

19 Goal! Atlético de Kolkata 0-2 Atlético de Pinto ( Manu Sanchez)

55 Goal! Atlético de Kolkata 0-3 Atlético de Kolkata (Nino Ybarra)

66 Pentaly!


66 Goal! Atlético de Kolkata 1-3 Atlético de Pinto (Javi Lara)

79 Goal!  Atlético de Kolkata 1-4 Atlético de Pinto (Dani Ramos)

82 Goal! Atlético de Kolkata 2-4 Atlético de Pinto (Juan Belencoso)

90 WHAT A GOAL! Atlético de Kolkata 3-4 Atlético de Pinto (Sameehg Doutie)

“We lost a close one today, but I am extremely proud of the guys and the way they never gave up,”

-José Molina, Head Coach of Atlético de Kolkata.