1. Arnab was missed. When you play an extra foreign defender, you should never flow in a sloppy goal like the one Malouda slotted in at 74′.. If you ask us, we’re certainly frustrated being a fan page & we would love to see Arnab Mondal getting a start next game!

2. Javi Lara didn’t start, and we missed him. ATK didn’t signed a creative midfielder, apart from Lara, but even he is not getting starts this season, and this is seriously haunting down ATK. We request the ATK management to consider Javi Lara in the starting XI on 17th, where they are up against another team to beat, North East United FC!

3. Belencoso. We seriously don’t know the reason behind Iain Hume’s substitution with a player, who has looked dull whenever he has stepped, i.e. JUAN BELENCOSO!!

4. ATK plays well at larger stadiums. Grounds like Jawaharalal Nehru Stadium promote ATKs wingers to play freely and express themselves.. May be this is the reason that ATK is not able to create chances at stadiums like Balewadi & Rabindra Sarobar!

5. Hume’s is getting better & is combining well with Doutie. Hume has found the rhytm that was missing in his game & we’re certainly delighted to see this.. London bus to come? His partnership with Doutie was exceptional today & we can expect more goals between them!

This leaves us 13 points & we almost require 9 points from the remaining 5 games.. Achievable? Keep thinking & till then, shout out loud, #AamarBukeyATK!