ATK takes on MCFC in the semis

As the ISL League games comes to  an end it’s time for the SEMIS. As the league tables are concerned our ATK will face Mumbai city fc in the semis.
Let’s see who will have  the advantage.

We Expect a lot of entertainment as the swashbuckling Mumbai City FC  faces Atlético De Kolkata at the Rabindra Sarobar Stadium in Kolkata and the corresponding stadium in Mumbai. Considering the previous game between these two teams this season, one match ended in a draw while the second one Forlan scored a brilliant goal resulting Mumbai win.

We Expect a lot of entertainment as  Mumbai City FC faces Atletico De Kolkata. Considering the previous game between these two teams this season, hosted by Mumbai and Kolkata, this one is going to be highly eventful too.

Considering the previous games, both of the games had everything from goals to yellow cards and physicality to a sending off. Despite what the watchers of ATK may think, it was actually a Mumbai City FC player that was sent off for two yellow cards. It was crucial too because without that sending off, Atletico De Kolkata seemed all set to lose that game. As it was, the sending off allowed them to equalise. That game may be the blueprint for this game. But in the home game ATK lost as Forlan scored a brilliant goal beating Debjit.
ATK certainly will look for vengeance.

ATK’s Form & Strategy:

Atletico De Kolkata will need to be far more effective in the final third in this game than they were when the two sides met in Mumbai a few days ago. They simply can’t rely on a sending off to have a positive impact on the game. Fortunately, they are in form. In fact, ATK happens to be the only unbeaten team in the league now. More importantly, if ATK’s one game in hand is taken into account, they may well claim the top spot in the league after this game.

ATK has consistency and familiarity on their side since their coach Sergio Molina clearly has a system in place when it comes to formations, tactics, and personnel. He is retaining his team’s shape and formation from game to game and still managing to rotate his squad in and out of it. He has even managed to tweak his style of play on the basis of his opponents’ attacking prowess.

This isn’t something that many teams in the league can claim. This familiarity will come in handy for them. You can expect ATK to play with a 4-2-3-1 formation. They will depend heavily on their home support too.

Comparing the players we can assume that ATK clearly have a good advantage over Mumbai. Though they have Forlan as striking forceanf the Indian striker Sunil Chettri our ATK has Hume, Postiga- two strikers good in shape and have good chemistry between them.
We also have the Midfield maestro Javi Lara. Talking about wings no player can match the pace and skill of Doutie and RuiDas. Though in case of defence both the teams have almost the same components  but the experience of Arnab and Tiri justifies the advantage the ATK has over Mumbai.

So in total ATK clearly has  a big advantage with the players well experienced and fit to play. But this is football so no one can though in pen and paper ATK clearly has a upper hand.

We wish the squad a very good luck for the semis.

               – Atlètico de kolkata fans