Atlético de Kolkata won the Inaugural season of the Indian Super League under the Leadership of Luis Garcia

​As the 3rd edition of Indian Super League ended it got a lot of praise from the audience and many legends around the globe. Luis Garcia was one of them who did not missed a chance to applaud the league and held it responsible for the advancement of the Indian football team, the team who attained their best rankings in their last two decades. 
Luis Garcia, the ex-captain of Atlético de Kolkata arrived in India on 10th April at Mumbai airport during his tour with the UEFA CHAMPIONS TROPHY. 

When media asked him for his opinion for the sucess of Indian Super League, he replied: “I enjoy watching ISL and watching some of my team-mates. I have seen a lot of improvement in the league. A lot of Indian players are coming up and showing a lot of fantastic talent. So I am sure whatever happens, ISL is going to continue forward,”. 
“Who knows, I retired once many years ago (but) I finished here (in ISL) and I am not going to say that I have retired or I am not going to come here (to play in ISL),” Garcia replied when asked whether he would be a part of the League again.

On the upcoming UEFA Champions Trophy, Garcia said he would love Barcelona to be in the final.
“It is going to be beautiful three months until the final of the UEFA Champions Trophy). Teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid are going to be there. I will love (to see) Barcelona at the final,” he remarked.