In a match which saw ATK return to salt lake stadium after a year ATK were completely outplayed by Pune city FC.Pune strikers made complete use of the shabby Kolkata defense and turned out with a scoreline of 4-1

Here are 5 talking points from the game

1.Pune City FC goes 4-1 up.

ATK, without doubt, is the most successful club in ISL accounting for two titles.Meanwhile, Pune city FC is one of the two teams (Northeast United FC being the other ) that have failed to get past the group stage in the past three seasons. Pune city FC have always remained the thorn in ATK’s Flesh.Of the previous six meetings prior to this match Pune City FC have managed full three points 3 times while ATK 1 time and the points being shared two times.Despite their mediocre performance overall,Pune city FC have always managed to do well against ATK.


                                     Final Score: ATK 1- 4 Pune City FC

Hope our team picks up from this and payback in the return fixture.

2.Defensive Woes

Though Pune city FC clinically outplayed ATK in the match, ATK had more possession and frequently adventured into the opponent’s box in the first half.But the shots were too reluctant to come. A defensive error from Thomas gave  Marcelo Pereira and Pune city FC their first goal.Later in the 60′ minute, Pereira’s ambiguous effort took a deflection from Jordi Figueras to find itself at the back of ATK’s net.The final goal was a result of a mistimed throw which Pereira capitalized and made a skillful move to take the ball past the defender before Emiliano finished it.

It was a bad field day in defence and Pune City FC was the Better side.

3.Trouble of the initial stages

Two games into the season with one point and we cant conclude anything from that .following a major revamp and the advent of the new players Kolkata look ATK is just in the initial set in phase.Although we had quite a few good shots from Zequinha and little ambiguous tries from Hitesh and Prabir we lacked some solid performance from our players .we need a few good goals and it will do wonders to the players’ confidence.And as they say, motivation is contagious.Once they set in There will be no stopping our players.

                   Zequinha being presented with the AMUL FITTEST PLAYER OF THE MATCH Award

4.Bipin Singh the star 

Bipin Singh,22-year-old striker was the unarguably the best ATK player today. He was influential in the wing position always looking for the ball to chip in some crosses.The Bright moment came in the 49′ minute when he took a free kick His left-footed kick with the right amount of curve to hit the crossbar and into the nets.The first goal for ATK in season 4.This also earned him the emerging player of the match award This winger from Manipur had been promising throughout the game and he might also turn up to be the right player ATK need.


                             Bipin Singh is ecstatic after scoring the first goal

5.Robbie Keane major missings 

ATK was clearly missing the services of their main man Robbie Keane who was present at the stadium but couldn’t play all thanks to his Achilles injury. Also among other players to miss out were Jayesh Rane who is recovering from a knee injury and Carl Baker who missed the action due to an Achilles tendon injury.With the key players set to return in the upcoming weeks, we can hopefully see a  turn around in terms of results.

                                             Robbie Keane among major missings


NEXT MATCH vs Jamshedpur FC (Away), DEC 1.

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