First game of #HeroISL2017 saw two top teams fighting it out against each other, ATK and Kerala Blasters FC. We observed the game closely enough and we did manage to draw the following conclusions from it.

  1. We at #ATKFans kept praising team ATK’s management, as they successfully managed to rope in the services of Portugal CF, Zequinha and he didn’t leave any stone unturned in putting a stamp to our words. He was agile, he was fast, he was creative, he was DOPE. He not only took the onus of handling the wings, but also tried to play the role of a striker, whenever Hitesh and Kuqi were not in possession. We certainly loved his long rangers, which were not only hit sweetly, but were also on target. Fortune favoured Rachubka & Co as one of the long rangers came off the goal post. Lucky huh?
  2. Prabir Das was brilliant in the position of Left Back. His performance could be seen as the shadow of Marcelo (Real Madrid) as the lanky left back was seen making counter runs, whenever ATK needed support in offense. One thing that each and every ATK fan must praise is his ability to win aerial deliveries, which denied ball possession to KBFC in the attacking third.

  3. Under the leadership of Jordi Montel, ATK was not only calm and composed in defense, but also kept clearing balls with precision, which got the job done for Debjit Majumdar as he acquired his first clean sheet in first game of #HeroISL2017. ATK suddenly did a fantastic job in keeping the likes of Hume, D. Berbatov & Arata Izumi quiet for the entire game as they could barely create any threat on ATK’s goal.

  4. Though Kuqi, Robin & Hitesh managed to create a handful number of opportunities to score goals, but failed to put the ball into back of the net even once, which shows the lack of composure in the attacking third of team ATK. Certainly, the defending champions missed the services of marquee man, Robbie Keane as the game ended in a draw, even though ATK managed to pull strings in the attacking department successfully.

  5. ATK was successful in keeping the ball possession in the midfield, but as they say, the biggest room is “room for improvement” and ATK midfield is no different. Though ATK kept the major part of the midfield busy, and Conor Thomas even stepped up to the expectations, but he did fail to form a chemistry with Eugene, which hopefully will be taken care off in the coming games.

#HiDost ♥️