A goal from the marque man, a clean sheet, and most importantly 3 points.The perfect game every ATK fan would have wanted as ATK won 1-0 at the Salt Lake Stadium.This also happens to be our first home win this season.

1.Robbie Keane

A cool head and a calm finish which drove ATK home.What a turnaround it has been for ATK with Robbie Keane’s presence.Robbie has been so influential that has won all 3 points in the two games he has started.Such has been his impact on the ATK side.

Robbie Keane celebrating his goal against Delhi


2.Clean sheet

ATK has always been a better defensive side in the past years.But things have not gone quite their way this season.But ATK has managed to pull this back in the last two games with two back-to-back clean sheets.Some solid blocks and shot stopping has boosted the morale of the team as a whole.This has been our 3rd Clean sheet in six games.

                            Defence making the difference for ATK

3.The only way is up

With back-to-back wins we find ourselves moving up to the seventh spot, four points behind semifinal spot, With ATK playing one less game than the fourth-placed Pune City FC.The road ahead looks bright for ATK.


Aamar Bukey ATK

A Merry Christmas to all the ATK Fans and Family