Two games into the league, I was quick enough, of course wrongly, to judge and state that our goalie Debjit Majumder is some miles away from his usual form. A small, sober, harmless banter on why Debjit shouldn’t be made comfortable to believe he is our only choice as goalie had followed among many fans. ‘Fans’ – I said.

When It Hurt A Lot

As fans, we are emotional and the adrenaline rush causes the emotion to have a voice of its own. The fans had witnessed the worst thrashing of ATK ever. ATK lost 1-4 to Pune on 26th Nov, just about a couple of years after we had decapitated the same team, at the same venue. 

4-1 – How could we tolerate it? 

Debjit did lose his place in the team, to EPL veteran Jussi Jääskeläinen. Jussi also managed a clean sheet in his only game against Jamshedpur at the away stadium, filled with some potholes! 
How It Hurt

Debjit is still ranked at the not-so-encouraging 6th position in the race to win the coveted golden gloves with 20 saves from 8 games. However, ATK has conceded the second least amount of goals in the league so far. Of the nine games it has played, the team has conceded the equal number of goals.

Well, statistics are cruel at times. It will always read as 9 goals, but if we have to dissect them, we should remember how miserably some of them added to Goal Against tally. 
Honestly, ATK’s defense should not boast about a valorous act so far. Going back to the 4-1 thrashing by Pune, Tom Thorpe had lost the ball in a crucial position to allow Brazilian’s prolific striker/winger Marcelinho to receive the ball having no defenders around. An unfortunate deflection in the same match had caused another goal. If we move to the so-called high-voltage match, and the next one that Debjit played, we again saw some deflections allowing the ball to smash against the net. Some good blockings also landed the ball only at Jeje’s feet.
But, the sport is cruel and one cannot complain about what led to the goal. 

The Bruised Lion

However, proving true to his name – Savejit, the 29-year lad from our own motherland did roar back. A bruised lion (check our logo too) is indeed dangerous!

Nonetheless, Debjit kept impressing on several counts. His run forward to narrow the space for sprinting strikers, his courageous leaps, and his punches have been crucial in keeping the dreams well alive to finish the league in the top 4. 

For ATK to qualify for the next round, a lot depends on Savejit. Some help from the defence line will always be good, but the still bruised lion will surely guard the empire.
You may blame Debjit for the goals the “team” conceded, but don’t forget the saves “Savejit” made! 
Wishing Debjit all the luck for the next matches!