With so many injuries in hand, Ashley Westwood may start with this lineup:


Martin has performed well in his debut match while David is yet to get accustomed with the new environment. Both of them have been reported as a good signing and the fans are happy with their presence. ATK has been the least scoring side this season with just 8 goals while the defense has just not been that great. ATK has conceded 14 goals this season which says that ATK is struggling both in attack and in defence.

A win today will surely bring some confidence in the team but any other result than that is surely going to rule ATK out of the competition. This is going to be a do or die match for ATK.

The new team Jameshedpur FC on the other hand is a balanced side. They have one of the best defense of the season, credits to the ex-ATK player Tiri and the Indian centre back Anas. They have conceded the least no. of goals in the season and have a good flair in the attack. Jerry is one of the players to keep an eye on. He is playing exceptionally well in the season and the chemistry between Azuka and Jerry is getting better day by days. ATK defenders are going to have a tough time ahead. To stop these players they need to give their best today.

JFC has won 2 of their last 5 matches drawing only once, while the defending champions have won just one of their last 5 matches and one draw in their pockets. On papers, JFC looks a stronger side today for they have a good attacking side as well as a good defensive unit.

For our fans it is important to understand that this year it is very unfortunate that the team has been affected with too much injuries, players and stuff changes that ATK is yet not able to work as a team to settle down. But two consecutive wins will definitely turns things good for us.  Another good news is that Keane is back and will start training with the team again.

With passions held high and with courage in their hearts ATK can win this tough fixture ahead and keep the playoff dreams alive.