Two times ISL champion, ATK has finished the season in the 9th position this year. The performance was not satisfying at all throughout the season which contains only 16 goals in 18 matches.

It is the first time the team has not reached play-offs. We hope that the management will learn from their past mistakes and they will come back strong very soon in the upcoming super cup.

It was the first time that the league was among 10 teams and of a much longer duration. At some point it was looking like nothing was going right and it was very disappointing for the fans too.

Some fans are asking to bring back Atletico management but independent progress can be done too and teams like BFC, Jamshedpur has already proved that.

Here are few points which team management needs to focus urgently as per fans concern,

The team needs an experienced good manager. Who will manage the team in a proper way match by match. This year it was a disaster due to lack of organizing skill and even at some point the team was not looking like a team anymore and player were looking disconnected with each other in the field.

Immediate construction of players academy with a separate practice ground. We really need a club, in the starting it was alright but while we are going in a long run, it looks really uncomfortable that our players are playing games, the entire tournament from 5 star hotel. Come on man! Is it a holiday or something ? Look at Jamshedpur, they are new too and have managed new academy for their players.

Foreign recruits were looking experimental and unfit. We saw pathetic players like Kuqi, contrill this year, who do not deserve to play even in the second division i league. They kept on coming and going, management should keep it in mind that it is not a 2 months game anymore. Think long term from now on, work hard on pre seasons (Even if those are done in Kolkata, We do not know what special happened this year in Dubai)

Lack of passion and seriousness, we have seen lots of players in teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona where they are very professional but also very passionate about the game. Look at our Indian recruits like Robin Singh, Jayesh Rahne, Rupert. Were they even in the game? They were busy in enjoying life with hair colour, social life in spite of consecutive losses. They were looking like 40 year old unfit veteran uncles in the field from middle of the season. In fact there are lots of better Indian players if you keep your eyes open than these below average players. It looked like they were not passionate of ATK while playing.

Now let’s talk about our star player Robbie keane. In the end of the season and in few matches he scored a few world class goals and have completed the season with a rating of 7.89. But it was damn confusing in the beginning that how many times he got injured and kept travelling from India to Ireland. Even considering his age and performance, should Atk not think twice before investing the money in only one guy? Even a 5 year old child knows that football is a team game. Only ronaldo or only messi is not able to win a world cup if their entire team is not that good. It is all about balance and in fact in previous years we had a balanced side.

Still after the end of a bad season there are few good sides too among the bad,

The new kids like Mbatha, Kamal thalal. The African kid has amazing speed and ball control. ATK needs to keep them and nurture for future.

It is good to see that Robbie Keane is still with the team and handling responsibilities as a manager before super cup. Hope he will be beneficial with his experience and class.

Sanjay Sen in now included in ATK, as he knows Indian players as well as Bengali players better, we hope to see better recruits soon in the next season.

It has to be kept in mind that from next year the league will be longer with more teams. So, it is high time to focus on improving infrastructure, bring better staffs for coaching and keeping players fit. Otherwise it will be tough to play against Kolkata giants and other teams.

So, let’s look forward and we hope to see changes in and after super cup.