A religion for millions across the globe, a matter of life and death for billions across the earth, such is the world’s most watched sport, football. All the worldly tensions, all the worldly problems everything is forgotten when the whistle blows and the ball is kicked off. Why do we say this? How do we know this? It’s because we are a team of football fanatics that have the exact feelings for our club Atletico de Kolkata.

They say that a club is known by how passionate it’s supporters are and they’re not wrong. We are the ones that make the club what it is. It is for the supporters that they perform and it is by our backing that they get motivated enough to perform at their best. So, we being a group of die hard fans of this particular club have opened this space for everyone in India and across the globe who supports Atletico de Kolkata and wishes to share their feelings, their suggestions and their verdict on the performance of our club because their is nothing more entertaining for us being fans of this club to hear your comments regarding Atletico de Kolkata.

Furthermore, you will not find a website or any other link where you will find such detailed information and updates regarding Atletico de Kolkata. From match updates to latest news, fixtures of the upcoming matches and the previous results of the matches, there is nothing that you will not find at our space.

Go through our space once, [btn url=”http://atkfans.in/register.php” text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#81d742″ icon=”sign-in” icon_position=”start” size=”14″ id=”” target=”on”][/btn] if you’re a fan of this amazing club through an easy process and get on the Atletico de Kolkata fan bus!

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